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Transcribed Pages From Aunt Grace Miller Mootz On Lindenau History

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A French officer, with the surname of Lindenau, lived in Nora, Westmanland. He married a woman who was a governess in a wealthy family. She was thought to be at least of partly German descent. The office died at an early age, in a sailing accident but left his widow and their three sons an estate of some size.
     The youngest of these three sons were Eric Lindenau. He was studying to become a minister, but when he married Johanna, at an early age and against his mothers wishes, he was disinherited by his mother. He was not ordained but did serve as a lay minister. Some years later, the family, here in America, was contacted. This was about the year 1917 or 1918. The estate had been willed back to Eric Lindenau's descendants. By this time the family had grown so large it was not practical to divide what there was among so many. It was decided to make the property into a home for elderly people in Eric Lindenau's name.
     In 1924, Hilma (Olson) Gustafson, visited her sister Theresa Sundborg in Sweden. Together they went to the church  in Nora to look up the family records. Some of the records had been destroyed in a church fire, but the estate, or property, was there and recognized as having belong(ed) to Eric Lindenau.
     Eric Lindenau of Nora, Westmanland, younger of three brothers, married Johanna, maiden name not known, of Malmborg. She was the middle sister of three. They had five children. Listed as to age, the oldest was Victor, Wilhemina, Augusta, Eric Wilhelm, and Beda.
     Victor was married to Lena. They had three children. Judith, who was a well known ballerina. She danced in the Kings Opera Company. The other children were Albia, and Thors.
      Wilhemina married Olaf Olson. They had three children, daughters, Hilma, Therese, and Anna. Hilma was married to Frederick Petterson. They had one son, Thorvald. When Thorvald was two his father died at sea. Therese married a chemist, Gustaf Sundborg. They hade their home in Sweden. Anna came to America as a very young girl and she was later able to send for her family, Wilhemina,Olaf, Hilma, and Thorvald. Anna married Frank Cook of New Orleans, La.. Hilma remarried Carl Gustafson, thus Thorvald Gustafson. Neither Theresa or Anna had children.
     Augusta married a man named August Frederciks. They had seven children. Alfred, Lila and Charles were born in Sweden. Elsie, Bernard, William and Frederick were born after they came to America.
    Eric Wilhelm was married first to Wilhemina. They had two sons, Gustaf and Sigurd. Wilhemina died and Eric married Anna Mathilda Lundborg. When the boys were about three and five Eric and Anna had seven children, Vivan, Signe, Esther and Beatrice were born in Sweden. Signe died there as a young child. Olga, Hugo, and Edwin were born in America. Edwin died as a young child.
     Beda was married to Victor Gustafson. He was said to come from Smoland. They lived in Nora and Linnea, Gustaf, and Vivian Therese were  born in Sweden. Gart, Charles, Lily, Elmer, Ruby, Edna, and Violet were born in America.
     Violet, daughter of Lila Schraut, wrote telling that she can remember Grandma Augusta telling her that her grandfather was a general in the French army and was anxious for his son to follow in his career, but the son did not want that kind of life and ran away to Sweden and chnaged his name to Lindenau (from Montgomery) and wanted to become a minister. Grandma used to go with him when he made his calls, many far apart in the country. He was paid by the people giving him what ever they raised, eggs, meat, grains. He also took grandma to France with him to visit his mother when grandma was a little girl. Grandma also sang in the Kings Opera and often told about the grand balls they had in the summer palace. It is called Droughtinham, it is outside of Stockholm, and the celebration they had on the Princes birthday, May 4th, which was also grandma's birthday. She told many times that she had danced with the Prince, she had happy memories of her youth and was a proud and wise woman. Both she and her husband were in the tailoring busniess. No one ever heard from her husband after he left the family in America.
      This material has been acquired by Vivins daughter whose name is Vivian Humphrey of Kentucky.
                                           Typed by: Grace Mootz 1977
*daughter of Charles Fredricks, son of August and August Fredricks


Judith Aquilina Lindenau 1869-1929 daughter of Victor F Lindenau and Carolina Forsslund, married Axel F. Nylander, and had three children, Greta, Elsa and Signe. Judith was granddaughter to Lars Eric Lindenau. Judith had an illustrious career in the Kings Opera Company, touring many lands and performing for many dignitaries. (Click on picture for further internet information on Judith.)


I think this is the place Aunt Grace meant. Drottningholm Palace. Click on picture tovisit Drottningholm website