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Swedish family line that originated in Nora, Orebro Lan, Sweden


According to the Lansarkivet 1 uppsala, Clerical Survey Records for Nora parish,1860-1871 (vol.AI:20, page213)

Lars Eric LINDENAU was a tailor, and lay minister, and the founding forefather of our Swedish Lindeneau family line. There's a few theories to Lars' background and Iwill be stating them here.

To start for now:

Theory #1: Records show Lars was born a Hellbom to unmarried maid Maria Margareta Hellbom, born 22 March 1821. In 1835, when he married ,he took up using the name Lindeneau. No known father has been found to date for Lars. Family stories state that Lars was the youngest of three sons. That the father of the three boys drowned at sea. The father was supposedly the son of a nobleman connected to the Drottingham Palace in Stockholm where records show Sophia did spend several summers.

Records show that Lars Eric's mother, Maria Margareta Hellbom, worked as a "governess" in Stockholm, where she first became pregnant. Maria and Lars were reputed to have many arguments concerning the upbringing of Lars' children.

 The family of the father of Lars, and the other brothers, common law husband to Maria Margareta Hellbom, fought Lars and Johanna for rights to Lars' children (Landsarkivet I Uppsala, Clerical Survey Records 1860-1871 (vol. A I:20, page 213)) for full custody. Lars and Johanna did bring the seven children to Stockholm to visit their family at the 'palace'. Oral stories by Sophia August LINDENEAU states that her grandfather shared a birthdate with her (4th of May) and she remembered attending parties at the 'palace', only allowed to play with local children on the birthday celebration, otherwise the LINDENEAU children were allowed to play on the grounds behind the gates. We have NOT pinpointed which family member of the then court family was 'father' to Lars, the name of the contesting family records of Lars' father's family name, have been stricken from the clerical records, possibly due to the father's family's political strength?

Working now on finding a way to the records of governesses hired by the royal family during the time prior to Lars' birth. Records do show Sophia in Stockholm during several summers. Who did she stay with? Another clue that may help is that, Judith Aquilina Lindeneau, sang for the Kings Opera in Sweden many, many times. The King's family, during that time, was known for their love of the opera, even building an opera theater in Stockholm where Judith was known to have performed. These and other clues have to help break down the wall someday.

Click Here To See Aunt Grace's papers on Lindeneau's


LINDENEAU, GLENN D. Oct. 18, 1920 to Feb. 3, 2011 Glenn Lindeneau was born in Chicago to Marguerite and Hugo Lindeneau. He graduated from York Community High School in Elmhurst, IL in 1938. He served as a Combat Infantryman in the Army in World War II and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart and later received a Engineering degree from San Diego State University. He started working at Consolidated Aircraft in retired from General Dynamics Convair in January 1983. Glenn was also involved in many professional and community organizations, including the Convair Alumni Association, where he edited the bulletin and worked on publicity for many years. He volunteered at the San Diego Air and Space Museum for more than 20 years, served as a Senior Volunteer for the Sheriff's Department and worked with the Spring Valley Historical Society. His most important roles, however, were with his family. He is survived by a close and loving family, including his wife of 65 years, Jacqueline; five children: James (Dana), Jeffery (Laurie), Kenneth (Marette); Mary (Fred) Bushardt; and Judy (Ward) Minich; six grandchildren: Jacque Bushardt, Kaisa (Kyle) Hoggat, Scott Lindeneau, Michael Lindeneau, James (Jillian) Dailey and Ward Minich IV; and two great-grandchildren (Amina and Brynn Dailey). A private interment will be held at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on March 3, 2011.


Wedding photo of Gustave Wilhelm Lindeneau, son of Eric Wilhelm Lindeneau and Wilhemina Holmberg, and his new wife Mary McGuire Lindeneau.


Gustave Wilhelm Lindeneau and Mary McGuire.


Ethel Mabel Lindeneau (infant) born 1910 to Gustaf Wilhelm Lindeneau and Mary McGuire.


Ethel Mabel Lindeneau born 1910 to Gustaf Wilhelm Lindeneau and Mary McGuire, married William A. Rittenhouse , had two children:Donal, Merry.


Hugo Wilhelm Lindeneau 1893-1982 born in Illinois, died in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Son of Eric Wilhelm Lindeneau and Anna Mathilda Lundborg. Half-brother to Sigurd and Gus pictured below with Eric Wilhelm Lindeneau, their father.
Hugo married Marguerite F Smith and had four children: Glen Donald, Judith Beryl, Joanne L. Faye, and Joyce.


Eric Wilhelm Lindeneau born 1856 Nora, Orebro Lan, Sweden, son of Lars Eric Lindeneau and Johanna Margareta Andersdotter. Eric married Wilhemina Holmberg (1) and Anna Mathilda Lundborg (2).


Eric Wilhelm Lindeneau born 1856 Nora, Orebro Lan, Sweden, son of Lars Eric Lindeneau and Johanna Margareta Andersdotter. Eric married Wilhemina Holmberg (1) and had three children, two of whom are seen here, left Sigurd, right Gustaf


Eric Sigurd Lindeneau, 1878-1970, born in Sweden to Eric Wilhelm Lindeneau and Wilhemina Holmberg. Died in Chicago, Illinois after marrying Isabel Spicer and having two children: Vivian and Ralph.


Seen here: Mary McGuire Lindeneau born Ireland 1879, flanked between her daughters:left Ethel Mabel Lindeneau Rittenhouse, and Evelyn Mary Lindeneau Miller.


Vivian Anna Lindeneau born 1883 Sweden, to Eric Wilhelm Lindeneau and Anna Mathilda Lundborg., married Walter T.Gustafson of Sweden.