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The Death Of A Five Year Old
Thomas Doyle used to tell how his little sister, Margaret (born 1917 died 1922 at age 5 years), had died after being struck in the head by a wooden seat on a hanging swing seat. After researching Margaret's information I found she died of what was called acute endocarditis complicated by hypertrophied tonsils and acute gastritis. The poor little girl was very, very ill and no swing was the cause of her death. Perhaps Tom's parents, John and Agnes, having just lost a child so young, didn't want to deal with talking out the cause of her death with her older brother. You can see on the death certificate above she was under medical care for 2 years, and with the complications it killed her within three days.
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Here is the address in Chicago 1922 where John Joseph Doyle, his wife Agnes (still alive until 1929) , his eldest son Thomas(my father) and their younger daughter Margaret resided. 2317 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.


3439 Osceola, Chicago, Ill. This is where John Joseph Doyle, his wife Emma lived 1935-1940, with their children:John Jr. Agnes, Violet, Ann and Emma's son Ray Wilson.


Rural Route #1, Baldwin Road, Bridgman, Michigan. Home of Thomas and Mildred Doyle and their children until Nov 23 1963.


Thomas Doyle and Abigail Healy
Thomas Doyle born 1793 Wexford, Ireland married Abigail "Abby" Healy born 20 Dec 1791 Saint John's, Limerick, Limerick, Ireland, Abby was daughter of James Healy born 7 Jul 1733 St John's, Limerick, Ireland.
Together Thomas and Abby had six children:
Narry (female) 26 May 1821 Inchigeelagh Parish, Cork, Ireland
Timothy   10 Dec 1823    Inchigeelagh Parish, Cork, Ireland
Anstatia 8 Oct 1826    Inchigeelagh Parish, Cork, Ireland
Thomas    13 Jun 1829   Inchigeelagh Parish, Cork, Ireland
Ellen  16 Oct 1831  Inchigeelagh Parish, Cork, Ireland
John  20 Nov 1834  Inchigeelagh Parish, Cork, Ireland

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John Joseph Doyle was son of Edward Doyle and Annie Keating.  John was a devout Roman Catholic, and a member of the Freemasons. He was said to have been a very jovial person who loved bowling, having owned a wooden bowling ball. He had what he liked to call his "Irish Shillelagh walking cane" and smoked cherry tobacco.  Agnes, his first wife died young at the age of 36, after battling an infection following gall bladder surgery.

John Doyle 1894-1960

1st Wife Agnes  Chester 1893-1929

Henry Anton aka Thomas Bernard 1911-1980

Margaret 1917-1922

John Doyle 1923-1988

Agnes Doyle 1925-present


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Agnes Doyle Vnuk

John Joseph Doyle's 2nd Wife:

 Emma Peters Wilson 1892-1947

DAU Violet Doyle 1932-2001

DAU Anna Doyle 1934-1986



Eva DOYLE was born 5 Jan 1898 in Chicago, Illinois to Edward J. Doyle & Annie Keating. Eva was The third born child out of four known children, being Edward and Annie's only known born female. Sister to Grandpa John Joseph Doyle mentioned above.

Eva met Jan (John) Ziara who was born Abt 1891 in Goscieradow, Krasnik, Lubelskie, Poland. John immigrated to America on board the Veeland, through Antwerp, Belgium, last residing in Goscieradow, Russia before leaving for America, landing May 13, 1913, landing in New York City at Ellis Island. (Ship's Manifest page 1134 line # 0026). The manifest also shows he left a sister Maryanna Ziara in Poland. John was 17 when he left for America by himself, the manifest also shows he was going to an uncle Joseph Ziara who lived in Muskegan, Michigan.

Eva DOYLE married Jan Ziara, son of Albert Ziara & Antonina, sometime between 1910 and 1920 in Chicago, Illinois.

According to the 1920 Census for Chicago, Eva was a punch press operator and John was a core maker at a foundry.

1920 IL, Cook Co., Chicago ED 969, page 5B
Ashland Ave.
Edward J., head, rents, 49, immigrated 1870, IRE, IRE, IRE, expressman/wagon
Anny, wife, 46, NY, NY, NY
Norbert, son, 1 1/2, IL, IRE, NY
John, son in law, 21, POL, POL, POL, core maker at foundry
Eva, dau., 22, IL, IRE, NY, punch press operator

It is not known how many children Eva and Jan had together. One picture remains of Eva holding what is assumed to be a grandchild.

Eva DOYLE ZIARA died 12 Dec 1942 at 1656 West Erie Street, Chicago, Ill. and was buried in Chicago 26 Dec 1942

Jan Ziara died 16 May 1953 in Muskegon, Michigan.

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Thomas Ronald Doyle (left) 1932-2010 son of Thomas and Mildred Doyle, husband of Gloria Swenson(1) and Syble Borden(2). Father of Collen, Cassy, Deborah, Billy, Patricia. With John Joseph Doyle, Tom's grandfather, John 1894-1960 was married to Agnes Chester(1), Emma Peters WIlson(2), father to Thomas, Agnes, Margaret, John Jr, Violet, Anne.

Thomas And Margaret "Maggie" Doyle
Thomas (1829-1905) and Maggie Scanlan (1837-1895) are our immigrant ancestors from Ireland. According to the 1900 United States Census Thomas, his wife Maggie and their eldest son Edward immigrated from Cork, Ireland on March 20, 1868 on the ship Nebraska, with $500 cash.
After landing in America Thomas and his small family moved to Albany, New York for one year, when they moved to 79 Cherry Street,.Kilgubbin , Goose Island , Chicago, Ill. Where two daughters were born to Thomas and Maggie.  Margaret "Maggie" was born May 1870, Mary 1872.
Maggie, the mother of this family died in Chicago on 20 Jul 1895. Thomas followed her into death on 10 Aug 1905 at home at 79 Cherry Street, Chicago, Ill. of locomoter ataxia. Thomas, Maggie, and many other Doyle's, are buried at Acacia Park Cemetary, Chicago, Ill. Lot 16 Block 23 Section y, where Thomas had purchased a very large family plot at the time of his wife's death.

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Edward J. Doyle Family
Edward immigrated from Ireland with his parents in 1868, settling in Albany New York until 1870 where his younger sister was born while the family resided in what was known as the five points district of downtown New York. After the birth of his sister his parents decided to move their growing family out of New York to somewhere safer. They chose Chicago, Illinois, specifically what was then known as Goose Island, across the river from downtown Chicago. Edward's father Thomas, purchased property of 79 North Cherry Street on the northern end of what was known as Goose Island. Just one block south of Edward's property now stands what was known as Wrigley Field Stadium. One month after moving to 79 North Cherry Street, Edward and his family must have stood outside on the fateful October night and watched in horror as Chicago burned.

SELF Edward J Doyle M 1867-1948 Ireland

WIFE Annie Keating 1874-1937 New York

SON Edward Doyle 1893-1985 Illinois

SON John Doyle 1894-1960 Illinois

SON James Doyle 1896-1897 Illinois

DAU Eva Doyle 1898-1942 Illinois

SON James Doyle 1900-1907 Illinois

DAU Annie Doyle 1916-1916 Illinois

SON Norbert "Buddy" Doyle 1918-1973

Edward Junior 1893-1985 married Rose Pavlick and had eight children: Richard, Edward, Eva, James, Loretta, Mary Sarah and May.

Eva 1898-1942 married John Ziara and had two children: John and Leray.  Aunt Aggie says Eva looked stricklingly like the Betty Boop character.


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Parents of Agnes Chester Who Married John J Doyle
Agnes was born Agnes Chester to Joseph Chester and Agnes Gomski (some records say Domas). Both Joseph and Agnes were born in Poland, Joseph in May 1862, Agnes born in 1867. Joseph's last name was originally CZOSKE but upon his arrival on the ship Waesland out of Antwerp to New York on April 20, 1892, customs changed the last name of Czoske to Chester as it 'was easier to pronounce'.
Joseph and Agnes had seven children:
Tillie 1892
Agnes 1893
Bertha 1896
Francisca Anna
Joseph 1899
Found so far:
Bertha married Robert Petrone had nine children:
Joseph married Johanna Ziegler 1900-1996, and they had:
Nancy Jo who married Gino Stocherro
           Nancy Jo and Gino had:
Joseph G
Agnes Chester Married John J Doyle , and they had:
Thomas B Doyle 1911-1980
Margaret 1917-1922
John Joseph Jr. 1923-1988
Agnes Rose 1925-present
Francisa Anna married Hans ERB; they had one known child; Clarence
Tilly married William Baier. They had one known child" WIlliam Baier Junior.

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Not usually considered a certificate of birth, a recorded document showing Dad's real first name on the document above. The second document below, was an addendum stating that his name was supposed to show Henry Anton Doyle and not Anton which was first  recorded. No where is there a Thomas Bernard shown to have ever been born to John Joseph Doyle and Agnes Chester, but under the same date, and parents,  there was a Henry Anton. There no real documents showing how and why Thomas had any legal right to use the name Thomas Bernard even though in 1932 he did use the name when he married Mildred Fredricks. On census, although the name Thomas was found. How or why the name change noone knows, not even Aunt Aggie who was surprised about the name when Iasked her.


Name: Anton

Birth Date: 07 Mar 1911

Birthplace: Blank

Gender: Male

Race: White

Father's Name: John J Doyle

Father's Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Father's Age: 18

Mother's Name: Agnes Ceski

Mother's Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Mother's Age: 16

Film Number: 1288209

Digital Folder Number: 4298169

Image Number: 00461

Reference Number: 3621

Source Citation

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