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Many of those above can be traced back to Orebro Parish in Sweden circa 1650.

The man we all know as Charles Ferdinand Fredericks, and his being born on board the immigration ship, has never been fully verified he was born on the ship. Most of that story came from our elders, who possibly got it from Charles himself. He may have been sick on board ship as an infant, but he wasn't born on the ship, he was born definitely in Sweden.
Charles Ferdinand Frederick's birth records were never found, as far as I know, just census records. That may have been where people were assuming he was born on board the immigrant ship.
Charles wasn't even his name. According to Swedish Digital Archives Records 1890 Charles was born "Karl Gustaf Ferdinand was born 25 September 1881 in Oskar parish. His parents were the tailor Elias August Fredriksson and Sofia Augusta born Lindeman. The parents had been married 5 years. He was their fourth child." (1)
Wait, you might say! It says fourth child born to Elias and Sofia. Yes Charles/Karl was the fourth child. Seems Elias and Sofia had a child we didn't know abour who did not survive.  Johan Herman was born to Elias and Sofia in 1880 in Nora stadsförs (Örebro län, Västmanland)(2)
Another little tidbit, by the 1880 Swedish Census Sofia was using 'Lindeman' as her maiden name and not our usual 'Lindenau'. Do not know why yet, and probably won't unless someone coughs up a diary or family bible. And she was going by Sofia and not Augusta as she did when she came to America.(3)
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On left: Mildred Hazel Fredricks Doyle (daughter of Charles and Hazel Fredricks). Female on right is unknown. Text on back says Mil and ? Can't read the writing.


Mildred Fredricks Doyle (left), Grace Irene Fredricks Mootz on right. Circa 1920 Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, Illinois. Daughters of Charles F. Fredricks and Hazel Miller Fredricks.


Charles Alfred Fredricks 1910-1996, son of Charles F Fredricks and Hazel Miller, brother to Grace and Mildred, and husband to Helen.


Mildred Fredricks Doyle 1914-1976, daughter of Charles Fredricks and Hazel Clara Miller.


Mildred Fredricks' grammar school diploma from Leyden Grammar School in Chicago, Illinois. Back in the day they used to hand out diploma's as the children graduated from grammer, to what was called then Junior High School, then the upper grades after that. It was something of an honor to recieve diploma's back then, since most children, as they grew older, usually quit school to help out on the farms, or to earn money for the family by working.

Charles Ferdinand Fredricks was born September 16, 1881 while on board the ship Marsdin enroute to America from Gotebourg, Sweden. Charles married Hazel Clara Miller 1893-1974. They had:
Charles Alfred 1910-1996 Illinois
Grace Irene 1911-1988 Illinois
George Cleveland 1912-1913 Illinois
Mildred Hazel 1914-1976 Illinois
Hazel 1916-1916 Illinois
Charles Alfred went on to have two sons of his own, Darwin and Terrance.
Grace married George Mootz and had three children: Gloria, Joyce and David.
George Cleveland died at the age of 1 year and four months young.
Hazel died an infant having been born prematurely and kept in a shoe box until she died at four months of age at home surrounded by her family.

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Ship 'Marsdin' out of Stockholm, Sweden that Elias and Augusta Fredricks sailed on when they immigrated to America in September 1881. One of the many ships the Fredericksso's used when they sailed back and forth between America and Sweden.

Photo sent by Gloria Mootz Olsen

Elias August Fredricksson & Sophia Augusta (Lindenau) left Sweden with thier children in September 1881 on board the ship known as Marsdin out of Goteborg, Sweden.

When Sophia left Göteborg for America, her contract number was
115:1137:50367B. In the port archives in Göteborg, the original registration
lists are kept in big books, which have been numbered. The number of the
book that contains Sophia's departure was 115. Her entry is on page 1137
in book 115. The number on the actual ticket, or contract, that she
purchased for travel was 50367B. People were listed in the order that they
purchased their tickets.

It's recorded that the family carried onboard :
8 loaves of rye bread
20 loaves of barley bread
1 cheese
1 butter keg
8 kannor beer
rye Rusks
coffee, tea
1 sack of grain
1 kanna honey
1 pc. Salted pork
1 pc of salted sausage
1 smoked sheep shoulder
1 sack of flour

And the trip took 13 days.

On the eleventh day, two days out of Brooklyn, where they were to dock. Captain's logs state that Sofia's infant, Charles, suffered from the start. Due to constraints on board the ship, the captain ordered the infant an ocean's burial. Fearing an outbreak of an unknown contagion the funeral was held immediately before the breakfast. As the funeral plank was lifted to deposit the infant into the waters of the Atlantic, the "wee lad cried with all it's heart rending breath'". Charles Ferdinand Fredericksson was rescued from dying at sea, by a simple cry.


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10. Glorida Mootz Olsen
11. Grace Irene Fredricks Mootz


Hazel Clara Miller Fredricks 1893-1974 with husband Charles F. Fredricks 1881-1964,


Mootz Family
Gloria (Olsen) Joyce (Vandermier), David Mootz, Grace Irene Fredricks Mootz, George Mootz


Left to right: Jean Patrone, Mildred  Fredricks Doyle, Irma Basca.


Hazel Clara Miller Fredricks 1893-1974, daughter of William Martin Miller and Nancy Helen White. Wife to Charles Fredricks. Mother of Charles, Grace, George, Mildred, Hazel. Sister to Leo, Theodore, James.


Hazel Clara Miller Fredricks with three of her five children: Charles the boy, girl on right is  Grace Irene Fredricks Mootz, female behind Grace's shoulder is her sister Mildred Hazel Fredricks Doyle. Writing on back of picture says "Oconto Street 1923-1925". I assume that's in Chicago, Illinois.


Hazel Clara Miller Fredricks. Daughter of William Martin Miller and Nancy Helen White Miller. Mother of Charles, Grace, George, Mildred and Hazel.


Fredricks & Mootzs
Left to right: Charles Fredinand Fredricks, unknown female, George Mootz, Hazel Miller Fredricks.


Hazel Clara Miller Fredricks 1893-1974, daughter of Nancy Helen White and WilliamMartin Miller. Sister to Leo, Theodore(Teddy). James, Dorothy and Nancy. Hazel married Charles Ferdinand Fredricks in 1909 and had five children: Charles, Grace, George, Mildred and Hazel.

Elias August Fredricksson Family
Elias was born 29 Aug 1854 in Vittinge, Vastmanland, Sweden. Elias married Augusta Sophia Lindenau, daughter of Lars Erik Lindenau. Augusta was born May 4 1851 in Nora, Orebro Lan, Sweden. Elias and Augusta had seven children:
Linnea 1876 Sweden
August Alfred 1877 Sweden
Johan Herman 1880 Sweden
Charles F. 1881 Sweden
Bernard 1884 Illinois
Elsie Therese 1886 Illinois
William 1888 Illinois
Fredrik L. 1890 Illinois
Linnea went on tomarry Frank Schraut and had four children.
August Alfred went on to marry Madge Spicer and had four children.
Elsie went on to marry George Brown and had a daughter Ruth.
William married Ida Jasper and had two children.
Fredrick married Flora Keller and had six children.
The story of what happened to Elias goes as this;

Sophia's husband, Elias, escorted her and their then three children from New York to Chicago. Seeking his fortune, Elias left Sophia after the birth of thier seventh child, to go out west, possibly Alaska, to seek his fortune during the gold rush. He never returned. Sophia raised all seven children by herself, doing ironing and taking in clothes to be mended. She was known to be quite the seamstress, making clothing for neighbors and friends. Her talent at making clothing was so well known she provided quite a good living for herself and her eight children. But the hours were long and grueling, letters from old friends show Sophia suffered from "aching finger joints" (arthritis?). She was also well known for her candy making abilities, and cooking skills.

Okay. But the documents may tell a different story. According to the 1900 and 1920 census Augusta Sophia states in the 1900 Census that she is divorced, then in the !920 Census she says widowed. Haven't yet been able to tell. Maybe someone out there knows. Can't find out yet where, or when, Elias died. Did they divorce and Elias remarried? Are there cousins out there who descend from Elias that we don't yet know about?


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Square brown building on the far right, with the greenish door. 4135 North Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Home of the Fredricks family 1916. Home of Charles Fredricks, his wife Hazel Miller and their children: Charles, Grace, George, Mildred and baby Hazel.


Dorothy Wenzel Kuecker, Mildred Fredricks Doyle, Grace Fredricks Mootz


Grace Irene Fredricks, soon to be Mootz


Only one I am sure of is Mildred Fredricks Doyle on far left. Anyone know for sure who the other two are email me please!


Not sure the sweet little thing on the left, but the one in the middle is Mildred Fredricks, and the one on the right is Grace Fredricks-sisters.


Hazel Clara Miller Fredricks 1893-1974 and son(?) Charles Fredricks 1910-1996.


David Mootz (left)  with his parents Grace Irene Fredricks Mootz 1911-1988 and George Mootz 1908-1961. David married Rita (Living), had two children; George, Carolyn.


Grace Irene Fredricks Moots 1911-1988. Daughter of Charles Fredricks and Hazel Clara Miller. Wife of George Mootz, and mother of David, Gloria (Olsen) and Joyce (Vandemier).


Grace Irene Fredricks Mootz


Mildred Fredricks Doyle 1914-1976 (left), with her mother Hazel Clara Miller Fredricks 1893-1974 on Saint Petersburg Beach, Florida circa 1970.


Mildred Hazel Fredricks Doyle 1914-1976 (left) with her sister Grace Irene Fredricks Mootz 1911-1988. Both daughters of Charles Ferdinand Fredricks and Hazel Clara Miller Fredricks.