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Elias Fredericksson Descendants
Fredric Larsson descendants
Lars Eric Lindenau Descendants
Eric Wilhelm Lindenau Descendants
Whats News And Added
Bennett Family
Carson/ Parkinson/White Families To Morgan/Boone
Doyle Family
Fredricks Family
Gosford Family
Martin Family
Teal Family
Old Family Photos
More Photos

This website is unfinished and will be updated frequently as I can get to it.

   First off , welcome to your family history. 
Thanks so much to Jean Kuecker Babrick, Glen Donald Hugo Lindeneau and Gloria Mootz Olsen for all the tons of help they have given to bring our ancestors out of the realm of the dusty past.
If you have been given this website's link, you are related to everyone here somehow, some way.
If you have any questions about anything in here, please feel free to leave a comment on the bottom of any of the pages bottoms in here.
If you have anything you'd like to contribute by all means contact me through Facebook.
If you'd like to see a family line added in here, based on what I have researched, please leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

About me and why I am doing this.

Like you, these people are going to be forgotten unless someone takes note and gathers all we know, to pass them to the next generation. Even though you may not care too much, perhaps your children will, or your grandchildren. They may want to know more about you and where you came from.
I am doing this for the future who might care enough to wonder, and for the past who went through their own heavens and hells, and tried so hard to make a place in this world - for you.
I got into family history when I was a child. Listening to my parents, Tom and Mildred Doyle and my mom's siter, Aunt Grace Fredricks Mootz, talking late at night, while us children were supposed to be sleeping. Man I wish I had had a tape recorder back then! The stories I heard them reminiscing over! Tales of family get togethers 'back in the day'!  The name dropping I heard them talking about. Chicago people they saw, and knew of, like Nitty, Dutch Schultz. How Capone wasn't such a bad guy ! The stories mom would tell about traveling to Wisconsin to see relatives 'still living there'. How mom would talk about her mom working at a candy factory, and how impressed she was when she visited her relatives, and who the heck was Bo-Peep? Mom's dad was almost thrown overboard as a baby when immigrating from Sweden to America! 
I was hooked. I had to find all these people, who were they? Were we related? What were their stories?
I have been researching our family history for over twenty years. Everything I have is definitely not in these pages. If I were to attempt to put everything I have on a website, I might just as well publish a book, and that takes tons of time, time that would take away from my research, but I would love to publish a family history book! Maybe someday -